Cult Days is not just a macro online presence.

Cult Days is not just pixels here to ruin your day.

Cult Days is in actual BRICK AND MORTAR, and it's not your pottery making mom's garage in Berkeley, sharing studio space with two cats and a trumpet like that Cliff's Bar origin story....HELL NO.

CULT DAYS is a store, a studio, and a cafe in La Bufadora, right on the coast of beautiful Baja California, Mexico. I'll post pics of the water and coast later.

I moved to Baja California a year and a half ago after the Bay was not cutting it. Do I really need to elaborate?

I was considering moving our family (CULT DAYS, KOOL A.D. AND TA) to Grass Valley, CA, the land of beautiful forests and boutique growers. We visited a gorgeous cabin, but not only was it pricey with dicey internet service, but the neighbor was a legit racist cowboy who we assumed might shoot us and pretend he thought it was a deer. I was racking my senses for where we should go...then I remembered a line from Mac Dre " She Neva Seen " where he says:


Mac Dre wasn't talking about Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico, but in my mind he was.

I was like yeah what the hell am I doing here. Even the parking tickets are oppressive. I'm go south. Tijuana is dope, Ensenada is dope, and all of Baja is sick as hell. America is done, finito. Adios amigos, the wall is to keep you in the pen.

Since Bae is a genius who works remotely, we picked up and headed down to anarchist wonderland, Mexico.

(What's crazy is I drew this place before we got here, without knowing this was gonna be the fantasy land I drew. But that legend can be told annoder time.)

After searching google maps and zooming in insanely for five days, I found the town where I was gonna open my store. And thats where I'm gonna put my Cult Days rainbow moon flag, and I'm announcing The Pink Cat Cafe....EL GATO ROSA, CAFE, SEGUNDITA, ARTE, Y MAS.

Outside I've started with a tiny cart of coffee, tea, homemade lemonade, iced drinks, and home made baked goods. Inside is the studio. I have my computer, sewing machine, art supplies, clothes I've had sewn for me here in Ensenada, tee shirts I've had produced in Ensenada, and so far art from me and Kool A.D.

I also have a SEGUNDITA section. The segundas are shops that sell anything second hand. So far I've made my best business selling second hand clothes in bins outside, everything for $1 or 15 pesos. JOOG.

I was open a few days here and there, and made decent money for Mexico. I had my first opening last Sunday.

My official hours are Sat and Sun 8am-3pm.

Right now, EL GATO ROSA is already a destination. I'm right on the coast, literally steps from the beach, and of course a GIGANTIC tourist strip called LA BUFADORA, filled with mariachi bands, Mexican tourists, buses filled with Americans coming in from cruises, all to see the only BLOWHOLE in the Americas. It's an underwater cave that fills with water and POOF! Becomes like this crazy big giant geyser. The water is beautiful, crystal blue with hella fish, DOLPHINS, AND WHALES. Kayakers out to see everyday, they do a rental thing with the beach houses.

Anyways I have a life so I need to end this announcement goodbye.