I'm 33, my shirt says Cult Days with a number 7 on it. I'm at a campsite on the moon. I've been camping here since high school, maybe even before that. I come up here sometimes to start a pink fire and be alone. I don't come up here specifically to get away from people, its just that there is no one else up here yet.

The background sounds are a crying baby downstairs and sirens. I hear sirens a lot recently, it seems they aren't going away or getting farther away. I'll be totally free of this on the moon.

I'm on the moon and I have a white tent, a pink fire, a white jumper with white chiffon tails, cozy wide white boots, and I'm fit and happy with my appearance. This is what we pictured, a voice tells me. Who are you? I ask. Who do you love? The voice answers back. Glitter lava oozes down a ginormous volcano made of fluffy chocolate cake.

I have to remember to tell Blue to move. Move Blue, and Blue sparkles and crackles and is fixed again. Blue is a hologram. I have two of them. Blue and Baby Blue. They are my companions and little teachers.

There is no way to tell you how I feel, I can only speak in visual snippets and you'll have to use your imagination. Always keep your imagination going and don't let the grey and ecru walls get you down. I'm a firm believer in taking a risk with color, and keeping jars of glitter visible. Build me an altar, and show me a picture of it. Email it to me...I can post it.

Flowers, candles, statues, wishes, toys, glitter, fruit, you name it.

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